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As ICT Assignment Post Graduate Program of UHAMKA

English Education Department

Lecturer: Hartoyo. M.A.,Ph.D


a. The Strengths:

  1. The targets for age are achieved.
  2. The tests are presented as games with ray-traced graphics, multiple tracks and digital sound effects.
  3. It provides music, speech and animation.
  4. The certificate of performance can be printed.
  5. The main screen help is also provided.
  6. It prints detailed Reports of Results.
  7. It supports National Curriculum.
  8. It is easy to operate and encourage the students.
  9. It is built-in help at every stage.
  10. It has Extensive Educational Content.
  11. Teachers may choose the level they wish to test or teach.
  12. The games are initially easy and become increasingly challenging.
  13. It can print certificate of performance.

b. The weaknesses:

  1. Students need their own computer to use/operate it.
  2. Students should be explained how to use/operate it.
  3. Students can guess the right answer as it can be used many times.


a. The Strengths:

  1. It is easy to be operated by teachers and students.
  2. It has a nice and colorful pictured that makes the students and teachers interest to play.
  3. The sound is also good and makes the kids like it.
  4. Students can repeat the pronunciation.
  5. It also provides a certificate of competence.
  6. Teachers and students can get new vocabulary as it has some levels.

b.The weaknesses:

  1. The Indonesian students will find it difficult to understand, because it has some difficult vocabularies.
  2. The pictures are provided only in four choices.
  3. Teachers need more levels to teach.

3. LEARN ENGLISH “Beginner”

a. The Strengths:

1. The result of the test can be printed out.

2. It provides language help.

3. It also has some different topics.

3. Teachers can print the total score for the students.

4. The recording voices is also provided.

5. Teachers and students can go online.

6. It has phrases-practice, dialog-practice, phrases-recording, dialog-recording and quiz.

7. Teachers and students can learn the pronunciation.

b. The weaknesses:

1.    It only has short dialog.

2.    The speaking is too fast for children.


a. The Strengths:

  1. Either students or teachers can print out the result.
  2. Students can record their voices
  3. It also provides volume set.
  4. Students can enrich their vocabulary.
  5. The result of the students can be compared.

b. The weaknesses:

  1. This CD requires a display of resolution at least 1024×768. It will work best with the display set to true color (24or32 bit), 256-colour modes should not be used.
  2. It is difficult to install because some recent window systems don’t match to the format of CD.
  3. It is rather difficult to use/operate it.
  4. We need a recorder.


The entire English teacher should try and do their effort to find an effective and fun teaching method in their classes. Besides using a manual book and blank paper to teach, the teachers can also use the computer as a medium of language teaching (CALL) that can motivates students learning English toward an effective class. The good atmosphere can be created in the class by using these four CD-programs above.

February 19, 2010 - Posted by | ICT Assignment, ICT in English Learning

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