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Agressive Drivers

The number of vehicles on freeways and streets is increasing at an alarming race. This influx of motor vehicles is increasing hazardous conditions. Moreover, drivers are in such in rush to get their destinations that many become angry or inpatient with other motorists who are too slow in their way. Aggressive drivers react foolishly toward others in several dangerous ways.

One way an angry driver may react is to cut off another motorist. They usually use the left side of traffic, but if it is crowded by other motorists, the angry driver will break this regulation, and, create a dangerous condition. It will happen when the vehicles are cut off by other vehicles from the opposite, and then it will cause the accident.

Another way is to tailgate the other car. The cars will be bumper to bumper when the traffic is very crowded. An angry driver usually doesn’t patient and doesn’t want to keep distance with other, because they want to go fast on each other. This condition may be one of accident’s reasons.

In addition to cutting off and to tailgating other cars, aggressive drivers often use rude language or gestures to show their anger. When they are in anger and inpatient, they will run fast and uncontrolled. It often happens in the street and also makes a bad condition for the driver him/her self.

Although law enforcement authorities warn motorist again aggressive driving, the numbers who act out their angry impulses has not declined. It caused by a lack of people’s understanding about the law especially about traffic regulation.

To conclude, aggressive drivers are endangering everyone because they create hazardous condition by acting and driving foolishly, it means that it is not dangerous only for the drivers but also for everyone. They should control their anger and change their bad habit in driving and learn to drive safety. One important thing is that they must obey the traffic regulation. After all, the lives they save could be their own.

January 15, 2010 - Posted by | Academic Writing Assignment

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