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The survey of graduates of education school and collages indicates that the area of concern of new teachers is the effectiveness of managing classroom. Despite clinical experiences, student teaching, and other observations in classroom setting, managing classroom has persisted for decades. Recently the survey has found several aspects to be focused on to achieve an effective classroom management.

Firstly, teachers’ behavior is a main part to manage a classroom condition. It is the way how the teachers give responses to the student, indeed. The students may have some different attitude based on their personal background. It depends on the teacher reaction towards these conditions. For example, they begin and end the period of teaching on time, follow the rules of attendance procedures well and set some rules what student can do and cannot do. Furthermore, it is necessary to show how the students answer the question by raising their hands if they know the answer.

Secondly, teachers’ skill is very needed to manage the classroom and to attract student’s attention. It is the way to understand the psychological and developmental levels of their students, like knowing the background of students and mastering to give the feedback by giving written or oral assignment. Moreover, teachers’ skill motivates students to learn from mistakes.

Thirdly, room arrangement is also a necessary part in classroom management. It is the position in which teachers and students placed in. The teachers must be able to observe students all the time and monitor their work and behavior. The teacher should be able to see the door from their desks. Otherwise, the students should see the teachers’ presentation area without undue turning or movement.

The process of study needs a teachers’ competency; no doubt it depends on teachers’ ability in classroom management. It has some different aspects to be focused, such as teachers’ behavior, teachers’ skill and room arrangement. To conclude, all of these aspects must be balanced to do, unless, the students shouldn’t be interested to study in the class.

January 13, 2010 - Posted by | Academic Writing Assignment

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